The romance that everyone thought would last forever has come to an end...again. People magazine and E!News are reporting that the engagement between Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth is over!

And surprisingly, according to the two tabloid trades, it isn't Miley's recent public displays that caused the relationship to end. Nossir, it was, says E!News, "Miley coming to grips that Liam was less than faithful to her."

Hemsworth was conspicuously absent from Miley's side at her recent (and scandalous) Video Music Awards performance and some speculate that her outrageous onstage performance with Robin Thicke was her way of getting even.

Meanwhile, other gossip mills have linked Hemsworth with "Mad Men" co-star January Jones.

So, now that the story's out, what's the latest from the ex-lovebrds? Why, just what you'd expect: Deny, deny, deny. Hemsworth's "people" are calling the story "tabloid fiction", while Miley remains silent, obviously content to let her talent do the talking.


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