I'm getting excited!

On my way in to the Radio Ranch today, I saw some billboards for the State Fair Of Louisiana coming up October 27 - November 13.

And that always makes me happy... Because of all the great food.

And we all know that the best foods come on a stick, or are deep fried... Or both!

It all started a few years ago with the deep fried Twinkies. Then fried candy bars and fried Coke (Didn't like the Coke).

So I decided to search out what kinds of new deep-fried goodness awaits the taste-buds this year.

Two new tastes that I hope are at the State Fair Of Louisiana... Deep fried Bacon and Fried Butter.

First, check out this video of Bacon, covered in dough, deep fried, with a gravy dipping sauce!

My arteries are clogging up just thinking about it. But wait, there's more!

We don't want to forget about the butter, right?

A friend of mine on Facebook suggested that I check out KCCI-TV to see what Iowa was serving up this year. And that's where I found this concoction.

Take a stick of butter and put a stick thru it.

After battering and frying, drizzle it, and enjoy!

Watch the full video on the KCCI website.

Then, my 'ol Buddy Paul from WRTV in Indianapolis pointed me to his video with all the great greasy foods they enjoyed this year at the Indiana State Fair...

Can I make it until October or shall I try to fry my own butter and bacon at home? Decisions, decisions!