A mom in North Carolina is furious after she caught a daycare worker breastfeeding her own child.

With the help of surveillance video, this mother hopes that police will press charges on this woman who breastfed the baby without the mother's permission.

Kaycee Oxendine, who works at the daycare center, says that she recorded her colleague doing this from Carrboro Early School. Reports suggest that the mother was told that her child was constipated and that the daycare worker offered to breastfeed the baby in hopes that it would resolve the baby's problem.

That's when the mother said she said "No, that's nasty." Still, the daycare worker allegedly took it upon herself to do what the mother told her not to do.

The woman who breastfed the baby was reportedly fired from the daycare center and police are looking into the matter.

Imagine seeing someone doing this to your child.

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