While Netflix guards their viewership data like a jealous dragon, they’re certainly not averse to releasing plenty of other demographic information, such as what activities moms do while they’re watching their favorite female wrestling comedies. The streaming giant collected the data from an extremely scientific, randomly selected group of moms, who said they often had to make some “me time” for their Netflix (71%), and that they wished they had more time to watch the shows they love (97%).

Netflix also polled the moms (about 1,000, per The Wrap) on how they multitasked while streaming, with the two most common ways of doing so being watching while doing the laundry (57%) and watching while cooking dinner (50%). I mean, as a young gal who lives in an apartment in a city and cooks her own meals, I’m definitely guilty of setting my laptop precariously on the counter so I don’t have to pause my Battlestar Galactica rewatch while I boil my pasta.

15% of these moms said that they squeezed in some catch-up time while waiting for their kids in carpool, and 21% reported they hid in their own homes to watch TV. 40% admitted to the “bathroom sneak,” which is Netflix’s very cute term for exactly what it sounds like.

And when the kiddos head off to bed, it’s time for these moms to do some more sneaking. The Walking Dead is the “most sneaked” show of them all, with Grey’s Anatomy, Orange is the New Black, and Friends coming in second, third, and fourth place. Moms! They’re just like us!

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