If the accusations are true, Lester Langley is the perpetrator one of the most ridiculous and sad crimes I have ever heard of.  Allegedly, this professional dog trainer faked the death of a very expensive dog in his care, lied about the funeral, and sold the canine in question off for thousands of dollars.

The story goes back to July, when Mr. Langley received a young Labrador Retriever for training.  According to the Ark-La-Tex Homepage, Langley told the owner last week that his dog had died.  The unnamed owner confronted Lester and wanted to see the body.  That's when he was told that the lab had already been buried.

The concerned owner demanded to see the grave.  After digging up the final resting site of his pup, it was empty.  Langley exclaimed “The dog is missing. This is where I buried it.”

Investigators arrested Langley on felony charges this weekend, he is suspected of selling the prized retriever valued at $25.000.

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