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According to the results of a new, state-wide audit of the massage industry is alleging that the regulatory board in charge of making sure no sexual services are offered in parlors across Louisiana hasn't done a very good job.

The data from the audit was released on Monday by Legislative State Auditor Thomas Cole, and according to officials - the Louisiana Board of Massage not only missed several instances of masseurs more than what is displayed on the sign, they are also accused of dismissing several complaints of sexual misconduct.  According to the report from KATC,  the board prematurely closed or outright dismissed a whopping 74% of complaints about a wide range of misconduct including sexual harassment, unprofessional conduct, advertising of sexual services, and signs of human trafficking.

The Louisiana Board of Massage is disputing some of the claims by saying that they already have policies in place to combat this type of behavior.  They also claim that in the most extreme cases of misconduct (like allegations of prostitution and human trafficking) to government agencies like the FBI because they lack the authority and the resources to do more than levy fines or suspend licenses.

Unfortunately, this audit and the recommendations that come from it will likely have a profound impact on the massage industry as a whole.  That means that parlors that do obey the law and run a legitimate business, including the one ones right here in Shreveport/Bossier City, will probably have to jump through more hoops (and possibly shell out more money for licensing) because of thinly disguised prostitutes masquerading as massage therapists.

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