52% of workers admit they’ll be shopping online this holiday season while on the clock.

New Orleans based Robert Half Senior Recruiting Manager Carrie Lewis says 44% of those surveyed admit it hinders their productivity, and that might be because of how much time they spending doing it.

“The survey did show that they will spend between 30-60 minutes a week, and out of that 52%, 20% of them will partake in the activity for an hour or more each week,” says Lewis.

The workshopping divide was starker among generational lines, with 65% of those 25-40 to admitting to it, but Lewis says there’s also a gender gap.

“That surprised me as well, 58% of the men admitted they will workshop, versus 48% of the women,” says Lewis.

About half of tech leaders say they’re concerned the use of work computers for personal shopping will open the door to security risks, but Lewis says that’s not stopping 77% of companies from allowing it. That being said she estimates about 10% of companies have a zero workshopping tolerance policy.

Today’s Cyber Monday deals will attract the most workshoppers, at 43% of those who partake.

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