Still fresh on people's minds, 2017's "The Disaster Artist" tells the story behind the making of "The Room," one of the most famous turkeys of all time. Like Tim Burton's "Ed Wood," James Franco's flick is also a testament to the power of clueless filmmaking itself, and the ridiculous movies that emerge as a result.

These are the true rotten tomatoes and Golden Raspberry Award winners, at least some of which have garnered shocking levels of attention or success in spite of — or most often because of — their sheer terribleness.

Most Widely Watched but Universally Hated Movies Ever

In honor of bad cinema, Stacker has accumulated a list of the most widely watched but universally hated, movies of all time. For the data, Stacker searched IMDB for movies with over 25,000 user ratings, aggregating and weighting ratings from IMDB and Metacritic to create a proprietary Stacker Score for each film. Using this score, Stacker ranked the top 50 films, counting down from worse to worst. Ties were broken by Metascore and further ties were broken by votes. Without further delay, here are the most widely watched, but universally hated, movies of all time.

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