Seriously, who hasn't heard of Mr. Ed, the talking horse of TV fame? Well, move over Mr. Ed, because Honey is here to steal your crown!

I think it's pretty cool how they were able to make Mr. Ed 'speak' back in the day before there was digital editing and the like, however, my sweet Halflinger mare, Honey, has plenty to say without any digital trickery.

As you can see in this video, she's quite opinionated. When I ask her what she's wants, she clearly answers and gestures towards her halter... She wants to be taken outside to her field to graze. If you'll allow me to translate the rest, she also wants treats and she wants me to hurry up... I won't tell you what she's saying at the end because it's not really lady like! I told you she was opinionated!

Do you think I should submit Honey's video to America's Funnist Home Videos? Winning that $10,000 would sure help pay some vet bills!

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