Have you watched the football movie “Home Team” on Netflix yet? It is a movie filmed in New Orleans and features a cameo appearance by former Saints coach Sean Payton.

The film is being produced by Happy Madison Productions, which is the company owned by actor Adam Sandler. It is a comedy film loosely based on the Saints real life drama “Bountygate.”

During the 2012 season, Payton was suspended by the NFL for the bounty scandal involving the Saints. While he was off on suspension, Payton helped coach his son's sixth grade football team.

Kevin James plays Payton in the movie which also features Taylor Lautner and Rob Schneider.


This Netflix sports comedy does have some changes to the real drama that happened with the Saints.  The 2012 “Bountygate" scandal erupted when it was discovered Saints players were given bounties to purposefully injure some of their opponents including Minnesota Vikings star QB Brett Favre and Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner.

The events in the movie with the boys team actually happened in the Dallas area, but Sandler wanted to use New Orleans for filming. Many Louisiana residents were used as extras in the movie which was filmed at East Jefferson High School and Joe Yenni Stadium.

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