My wife Margie is pacemaker dependent. She does not have a heart "problem", the pacemaker was required after a mistake was made during surgery years ago. It is however, necessary for her to maintain a quality life while she changes ours along the way. Like so many of us that "pay attention" while we are scrolling our Facebook page, certain pictures or headlines will bring me pause and my day stops for however long it takes to absorb the message. The picture above should be able the shake the smile and interest out of anyone with a heart looking for nourishment.

Polly Hunter is just one of many "Music Therapists" that works with cancer patients at the Roper St. Frances Cancer Center in Charleston, South Carolina. She shows up regularly to treat cancer patients at all levels and ages along with fellow therapist Tammy Flovin. This amazing concept is the brainchild of Ian Morris who has created over 300 songs inside 50 albums in the last 4 years from his Charleston company called Listening To Smile.

In what turned out to be a wonderfully inspirational part of my Saturday, I spent time injecting my heart with this incredible story written by Jerrell Floyd supported by amazing photos by Andrew J. Whitaker of The Post and Courier of Charleston, a Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper that dates back to 1805. Please avail yourself of what all of us who remain "on the air", hope to accomplish in some small part everyday we crack the mic.

Just as Dr. Jacobo Mintzer, validated for all of us, the music is “Like a pacemaker for the brain”.

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