It's all about being positive.

Before hitting the court, the field, the ring, the greens or any other field of play, all competitors think they are the best and they are going to win and that's how I went into the daunting task of picking THE PERFECT bracket for the upcoming men's college basketball tournament.

Just to let you know, I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about college basketball! It's fun to play along just to see how far I can get in the tournament with my bracket. A couple of years back I did pretty well with my guessing as compared to some others here at the station who knew a lot more about college basketball than I did.

For the ninth year now, we have an internal contest at the station where we can compete with others within our company and see how well we do. I have a legitimate chance at winning a million dollars with my bracket, $10,000 and even a happy hour event for our office. So I have all the confidence in the world that my bracket will not be busted this year!

Since I've made my predictions all I can do now is sit back and watch my teams roll through this thing and I dominate our internal bracket challenge.

Here's a look at my bracket.

Lucky Larry
Lucky Larry

I'll update my bracket once the tournament begins and good luck to you on your picks and your bracket.

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