My oldest son, who is now a United States Marine, is in the final days of his 10-day leave and he's been catching up with all of his friends and family.

Erin McCarty

There's just not enough time to get to everything he wants to do, but he's trying!

A friend took both my boys shooting at Shooters USA as the "world tour" continues. We did have a little trouble finding ammunition for the handguns they were planning to shoot. We went to BX at Barksdale looking for some bullets but had no luck. Walmart was also out of what we wanted. We did find some at Lorants and then headed for Shooters. Both my boys had a blast.

After shooting, we wanted to go eat. My new Marine has been missing Raising Canes, so that's where we went. At the counter, he starts to pull out his military ID and the clerk said: "I got it...could tell by the haircut." He got 10 percent off at this restaurant and many others.

He gets approached anytime he is in uniform and folks thank him for his service. And I told you about someone picking up his tab at Ernest's the other night! He hasn't been wearing his uniform lately because he just wants to chill.

I asked him where he wants to go to lunch today and he says he would like to see the new Margaritaville complex, so that's where we are headed next. We're definitely making the most of our time together!