I'm three episodes in to Stranger Things 3 and the music is on point! Please don't leave me any spoilers and I promise not to leave you any either. It may be a second before I can finish this season because I have to find someone with a Netflix account I can borrow to see the next five episodes. lol

However, I was hit with how good the music was this season in episode one. Without ruining anything for you, there are a TON of great 80s love songs that had me feeling really nostagic. After all, how can the show not conjure up days spent strolling Pierre Bossier Mall or South Park Mall?

So, without further ado, here are my favorites from the soundtrack thus far.

How can you not appreciate Corey Hart's Never Surrender? Seriously, it's a classic!

I've always been a huge fan of Cutting Crew!

The scene they feature this song in is so hilarious... Once again, I'm not giving away any spoilers!

The mall scene featuring this song is pretty darn adorable!

The placement of this staple was PERFECT!

Want to see the whole tracklist or purchase the soundtrack for yourself? Click here and enjoy!

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