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Rapper Mystikal (real name Michael Tyler) has been cleared of criminal wrong doing in Caddo Parish. Tyler was arrested and indicted by a Caddo Parish Grand Jury back in 2017 on first-degree rape charges. However, those charges have been dropped after a 2nd Grand Jury returned a 'No True Bill' against the rapper yesterday.

According to a statement by the Caddo Parish District Attorney's Office, new evidence and information had come to light in the case and they decided to resubmit their entire case to be reviewed by a Grand Jury. In light of the Grand Jury's ruling, the DA's Office says they will dismiss all pending charges against Mystikal.

Tyler was originally arrested following an investigation into a sexual assault at a downtown casino back in 2016. Shreveport Police claimed that there was physical evidence tying Tyler to the incident. He spent 18 months in Caddo Correctional before signing a new record deal that covered his $3 million dollar bail. There's no word on what new evidence was brought to light that caused the charges against Tyler to be dropped. His attorney told TMZ, "new scientific evidence emerged causing the Grand Jury to take a second look at the rape allegations made against [him]."

Through out the legal process, Tyler denied the charges and stated he was innocent.

This was not Mystikal's first time being arrested on sexual assault charges. Tyler spent 6 years in prison on sexual battery and extortion charges. He was released in 2010.

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