At a time in Hollywood when Marvel and DC are churning more and more superhero content into our eyeballs, one would assume more comic book movies from non-major studios would be a bad, not to mention risky, idea. And yet, three industry players, from both the film and music business, suggest otherwise. A new studio is being developed, and it has ties to Marvel and Justin Bieber.

A piece in The New York Times today announced plans for a new film venture, Mythos Studios, which aims to create its very own comic-book franchise. Before you scoff at the idea of an unknown newbie attempting to steal the superhero spotlight from Marvel and DC, just listen: the company comes from the man behind Bieber, Scooter Braun, and former Marvel Studios founding chairman David Maisel. Braun is the guy responsible for discovering the Beebs on YouTube, who also manages him alongside Ariana Grande and EDM producer Martin Garrix. Take that pop culture knowledge and knack for spotting talent and pair it with Maisel – who was one of the key players behind the formation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe back in 2007 – and you’ve got an very interesting recipe for likely success.

So what the heck will this new studio produce if Superman and the Avengers are already taken? They’re eyeing adaptions of heroes from Aspen Comics, most specifically Michael Turner’s “Soulfire” series and the best-selling series “Fathom.” The former debuted in 2003, and is about a boy and a team of magic creatures and cyborgs. Fathom, which follows a woman from a humanoid race who becomes an Olympic swimmer and marine biologist, was once set to be adapted by James Cameron and rumored to have Megan Fox in the lead.

While Mythos Studios plans to tackle animated and live-action comic-book movies, the company is also interested in original material and partnering with the likes of Netflix or Amazon. And thanks to all of Braun's pop music connections, the likelihood of a Bieber or Kanye superhero film may have just increased a few notches. So just in case you thought the future of Hollywood wasn’t filled with more comic-book movies, well, you were wrong. Everyone wants their own Black Panther.

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