In Louisiana, you never know what you might see. Today, New Orleans residents witnessed a naked man climb an electric tower 14 stories in the air.

Earlier, New Orleans police became aware of the bizarre situation which featured a man at the very top of an electric tower. Also, this tower-climber was completely nude.

Police quickly began working to resolve the situation but it was no easy task. The removal of this climbing nudist, who was at least 14 stories in the air, took well over three hours. Thankfully, they managed to retrieve the man eventually, and he managed to get down without injury.

New Orleans police are still trying to figure out why the man climbed the tower in the nude in the first place, but haven't released any info yet on possible motive.

Below, you'll find a live stream of the unique event from start to finish, provided by WVUE in New Orleans. Warning, the video below does contain graphic content.




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