There are three reasons to stop what you’re doing: 1. There’s a new James Blake music video. 2. It stars Natalie Portman. 3. It’s directed by The Fits Anna Rose Holmer.

Just days before the Jackie actress gave birth to her daughter – and before she had to ditch the Oscars – she shot a video for the British singer’s track “My Willing Heart.” Blake’s videos are often full of stunning visuals, and his latest surely doesn’t disappoint. The camera hovers over close-ups of a very pregnant Portman’s body as she swims through a pool and lounges in a bedroom. For the first minute of the video you can hardly tell the Oscar winning actress is the woman you’re looking at. Shot in black and white, it’s gorgeous and tranquil in all the ways that perfectly suit Blake’s ethereal, feathery vocals.

The video is also made by three awesome and talented women. Holmer is best known for her Sundance breakout The Fits, which has a brilliant final sequence that will blow you away. (If you haven't seen it yet, go fix that.) The video is edited by Saela Davis, The Fits co-writer and editor, and shot by The Neon Demon cinematographer, Natasha Braier.

If anything, Portman’s second child will have a couple of fun facts to share in their lifetime. Not only will they get to say, “Hi, nice to meet you. Natalie Portman is my mom,” but also, “Hi, I was (sorta) in a James Blake music video just days before I was born!”

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