Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, one of the great societal losses has been the cancellation of sporting events. In fact, one of the first major sporting casualties of the pandemic was the cancellation of March Madness also know as the NCAA Basketball Tournament. If you recall, the decision to scrap the season happened right in the midst of conference tournaments as teams were preparing for "the Big Dance".

Yesterday the Division I Council of the NCAA met and voted to push back the start of basketball season from November the 10th to the day before Thanksgiving, November the 25th. While the season is delayed, at least it's not going to be totally scrapped as many had feared.

The start date of November 25th the day before Thanksgiving was chosen by design. Many schools will be dismissing students from on-campus learning between Thanksgiving break and January. This would mean an almost empty campus and a "pseudo bubble" to protect players for any extra exposure to COVID-19.

The Division I council also voted to reduce the maximum number of regular-season games that will be played this year from 31 to 27. The council also amended the minimum number of games needed for consideration to be a part of the NCAA Tournament. That number was reduced from 25 games to 13.


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