Almost 200 new Louisiana State Laws go into effect today (08/01/31). From medical marijuana, new laws on vaping in cars, to Louisiana gun laws, ignorance of the law is no excuse. Here a look at some of the new laws you need to know about.

Starting August 1st, 2020 vaping with a child in the car is illegal in Louisiana. Smoking cigarettes, pipes or cigars with child in the vehicle was already illegal in Louisiana and now vaping is added to that list.

Louisiana’s medical marijuana program is now significantly expanded. Doctors are now legally permitted to recommend medical marijuana for any patient or medical condition they believe will be of benefit.

As of 8/01/2020, throwing water or any other liquids at or on a police officer carries the charge of battery of a police officer.

There are also a few new laws in effect concerning firearms in Louisiana.

From -

"Louisiana municipalities will be unable to ban guns in businesses and most public buildings through ordinances that are tougher than statewide restrictions — and is nullifying those already enacted. The new law doesn’t apply to meeting places of local governing authorities, however, which can carry stronger restrictions."

There are quite a bit more new Louisiana laws going into effect today, and you can read more get links to see all of them over at



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