Looking for reasons to laugh amid our COVID-19 pandemic? Look no further!

With nasty weather in our area this week and last, now is a great time to revisit this absolutely hilarious Cajun-dubbed weather report.

There aren't many things in life quite as special and heart-warming as a Cajun accent. While we don't hear too much of it in Shreveport, the rich Cajun accent can be found sprinkled all across our great state, mainly down in South Louisiana.

Any time anything is said in a Cajun accent, it's just funnier... No matter what it is. That's one reason this incredible internet-production is so mind-blowingly hilarious. I am so incredibly envious of Cajun accents and all of those lucky Louisianians who have them.

It's a video showing a Louisiana meteorologist gives a weather report as storms come into the state. Only the creator of the video took out the actual audio and dubbed in a true Cajun to deliver the report of upcoming rain.

Warning: Language not suitable for children. Basically, you gone hear a few cuss words down below in dis here video now, so when you're ready, hol' on to yo ass and dive in!





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