Netflix's upcoming miniseries Dracula shared a new trailer today, just in time for the show’s arrival on the streaming platform this week. The creators of the Gothic drama based on Bram Stroker's novel are Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, the minds behind BBC’s Sherlock. It’s no wonder they would want to take on another iconic literary character for a dark, dramatic adaptation. Claes Bang (The Square) plays the famous monster with equal parts elegance and bloodthirstiness. Watch the trailer here:

The first episode of Dracula originally premiered on BBC on New Year’s Day, with its remaining two episodes airing consecutively on January 2 and 3. Despite rave reviews, Dracula saw a significant dip in viewership in the UK after its first episode. However, this doesn't account for the catch-up and online viewing bound to occur over the next few weeks. After all, the trailer has so much to offer. Dracula teases gripping lead performances and exquisite production design. And in case you haven't heard, brooding character pieces on misunderstood villains are all the rage these days.

Per the show's official synopsis, the plot will follow what happens to Dracula when a “worthy adversary bites back,” suggesting that this isn't your average retelling of the classic tale. All three episodes will be available at once on Netflix, perfect for a post-holiday weekend binge watch to ease you back into real life.

Dracula is available on Netflix starting January 4, 2020.

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