New Orleans Police now have a suspect in the recent incident where two horses were sexually abused inside of the stables at City Park. New DNA evidence found in the horse stable has resulted in a warrant for a cheek swab of a suspect that NOPD are now in search of.

Check out the report from @NOLAnews on Twitter below

Police held off from calling 23-year-old Koshaun Dion Baker a suspect when the case initially broke. Now, new DNA evidence that matches Baker's has resulted in a warrant to swab his cheek to see if the DNA matches that evidence found at the scene.

The incident that involved "unnatural sex acts on two horses" occurred back on December 15, 2020 and the perpetrator would face felony charges of sexual abuse of an animal.

The warrant for the DNA swab that NOPD hopes to obtain from Baker could be used to either confirm or rule him out as a suspect, according to the report.

It is worth noting that one of the horses involved in the terrible incident is owned by Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin Gusman's office according to the report.

As the New Orleans Police Department continues their investigation and hopes to execute this warrant, I hope whoever is responsible for these heinous acts is held responsible.

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