If you're a superstitious Saints fan, this is the uniform you want to see them wearing on the field.

Tonight (12/17), the Saints take on the Panthers and will be taking the field in white jerseys and black pants. I personally like this uniform combo the least of all our options but according to WWL, it's what the Saints wear when they win the most.

Take a look at the Saints' record per uniform in the Sean Payton era.

White jersey, gold pants: 33-18, .647
White jersey, black pants: 89-56, .613
White jersey, white pants: 3-2, .600
Black jersey, black pants: 23-19, .547
Black jersey, gold pants: 40-48, .455

This makes it a little easier for me to tolerate the white jersey-black pants combination, but I'm still a fan of both of our black jersey combinations—although it does look like we've phased out gold pants, both at home and on the road.

What's your favorite Saints uniform combo? Do these numbers sway your decision?

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