There's no denying that the newly-named Caesars Superdome could use a facelift. That upgrade could come sooner than you think.

When you look around the NFL, you see NFL stadiums that could legitimately qualify as wonders of the world. You don't have to look around much before you see what I mean. Take a trip over to Arlington and check out AT&T Stadium. When it was built in 2009, it instantly became the most remarkable stadium in the country. Coming in at a cost of $1.2 Billion, the 80,000 capacity stadium quickly set the bar for what NFL stadiums should/could look like.

After you check out Arlington, venture over to Las Vegas to see Allegiant Stadium. Honestly, the thing looks like a spaceship from your favorite sci-fi film. The stadium is simply beautiful and stunning,in every sense of the words.

Now, I'm certainly not saying that all NFL stadiums should look like Allegiant or AT&T, but what I am saying, is that our OG stadium is long-overdue for a facelift, and not just an external one.

Anyone who has been to a New Orleans Saints game understands what I'm saying. It's time for our stadium to get some internal love. The good news is that some much-needed money is almost on the way. A proposed 54-million dollar deal is awaiting approval for partial funding of Superdome renovations that total around $450 million dollars.

Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne, says, "This agreement is going to enable that work to go forward this contract to be signed early next year with work to be completed around the events that are scheduled in the dome.”

So the good news is that help is on the way for our Superdome. The bad news is that it's government so it's a lot of hurrying up and waiting.

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