If you love pizza and you live in Shreveport you probably already know all about Pop N Pizza.

Many of us discovered Pop n Pizza when they were strictly set up for take-out and had set up shop on East Kings. If you have yet to try Pop N Pizza you're missing out, it's a different type of pizza with crazy options, it's almost like Shreveport's own version of Mellow Mushroom.

Pop N Pizza took to their Facebook page shortly before Thanksgiving telling us they were closing shop on East Kings, but the question remained, where were they going to start slinging those delicious pizza pies? How long would they be gone for?

We found that the delicious pizza pie would be at 500 Texas St, Shreveport, LA 71101. Pop N Pizza has officially opened for business and welcomes regulars and new customers to give them a try.

Does the New Pop N Pizza Location Mean There Will Be a Change in the Menu?

According to Pop N Pizza's Facebook page, they are not doing mobile orders just yet since they are trying to get their staff used to the new location and helping everyone adapt.

If you do decide to visit Pop N Pizza please be patient with them as they are making sure that everyone on staff is well trained and ready to feed downtown Shreveport. The full menu is expected to be available once the team is fully staffed and trained.

Many Shreveport residents are excited that Pop N Pizza wants to help hungry lunch-goers get pizza by the slice. The only question is, will one slice of Pop N Pizza be enough for lunch? You already know how delicious this place is, 2 slices are never enough.

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