The relief effort in Southeast Texas is nothing short of an affirmation that there is hope for human kind.  The amount of people that have placed their jobs and their lives on hold to save their fellow Americans humbles this Texas boys heart to the very core. Rescue agencies from more than 20 states, and countless individuals have descended upon the flood stricken areas to save the lives of those in danger.

One of the official agencies that brought man power and equipment to the aid of the rescue operation was none other than the New York Fire and Police Department.  All-in-all 120 personnel loaded up their trucks and headed to the Houston area.  They joined the army of rescuers and worked insane shifts to make sure that maximum effort was applied to help those in need.

That allowed folks from all over to enjoy a little bit of the southern miracle we call Whataburger.  This fellow from New York got his first taste of the awesomeness we take for granted.  Let's just say, he gets it now.

I think I can speak for all Texans when I say that you deserve this and many more southern flavored thank yous, sir!

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