It sounds like a pipe dream, 25 years after the original Face/Off that there might be some kind of a sequel, but for the last year or two we’ve gotten rumblings that director Adam Wingard and writer SImon Barrett were developing a new version of the beloved 1997 blockbuster about a cop (John Travolta) and a criminal (Nicolas Cage) who switch faces. First we heard they were making a reboot, but later there was talk of making a direct sequel to the first film instead — and then we heard that Travolta and Cage were in talks to appear in the sequel as well.

That was almost exactly one year ago. We haven’t gotten any updates since then, and now there’s word from Nicolas Cage himself, who says he has “not heard hide nor hair about” any kind of Face/Off 2. That’s what he told The Hollywood Reporter in a new interview about his career and his latest project, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent.

Cage did say Face/Off 2 would be “an exciting movie to make.” But he also said “there’s no there there” to many of the rumors floating around about sequels to his work, like Face/Off 2 or a third National Treasure movie. Here was his exact quote:

So often these things we read about are just conjecture without any base or foundation to it. I feel the same about National Treasure 3. It’s been 14 years. There’s no there, there. So, is it fun to think about? Sure. Would [Face/Off 2] be an exciting movie to make? Oh, hell yeah. But John Woo was such a huge voice in that movie. It couldn’t be a remake. I think these filmmakers even said as much — that something like that would have to be a sequel.

That does not sound particularly promising. I guess we’ll just have to make do with Nic Cage playing himself in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent; that opens in theaters on April 22, 2022.

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