The old Silver Star Steakhouse at the corner of Airline and East Texas in Bossier sits empty as we wait to see who is going to take it's place. Last year it was announced that Schlotzky’s would be coming to town. This got a lot of people excited because the closest location is around an hour away.

Now it appears that Schlotzky’s for whatever reason will not be coming to that location but we do know whose taking their place... Silver Star Cantina! Coming in 2019 Silver Star will open their first Mexican Restaurant and I'm already excited to see what that'll mean.

If their queso is anything like the au gratin potatoes they have at the Smokehouse I'll probably be gaining a lot of weight here soon. The outdoor patio will be perfect for enjoying margaritas... Now I'm craving Mexican food! There's not many details about the new place just yet but I'm sure they'll be announcing all that soon.

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