I was looking through some old Facebook photos yesterday and came across one of Trans Siberian Orchestra founder and guitarist Al Pitrelli during his in-studio visit last December. Well, that got me to wondering, what's the date of this years's TSO show? Bad news, I'm afraid...this Christmas it seems we've been passed up.

First, I checked the schedule for our own CenturyLink Center. So far, only one date booked for December: LSUS commencement on the 15th. "Must be a mistake", I thought, "Just a bit slow with the website update, right?" So I checked TSO's tour schedule on their own website. Not only is Shreveport - Bossier not on the list of this year's stops, TSO is bypassing the entire state of Louisiana!

The closest the TSO boys (and girls) will get this holiday season with their legendary "Lost Christmas Eve" rock opera is December 20th in Little Rock, then the 27th in Houston and the night of the 30th in Dallas.

Hopefully, Mr. Pitrelli, et al, will be returning for a Christmas 2014 appearance, but in the meantime, here's a clip from last year's TSO tour, singer Chloe Lowery's astonishing performance of "Oh, Come All Ye Faithful".

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