The Orleans Parish Coroner has identified the victims, including children, in a crime that left three dead and one wounded at a home in the Gentilly area of New Orleans.

Authorities report the victims are 30-year-old Monique Smith, 6-year-old Jumyrin Smith and 10-year-old Justin Simms.
Police Chief Michael Harrison says they responded to a shooting at about 5 a.m. where police found a woman suffering from a gunshot wound and then discovered a horrific scene.
“It breaks everybody’s heart. Every murder breaks a heart, but to find that children were involved, people were involved. We’re working to get the answers to all that but what we can say is that it really rattles everybody.”
The shooting occurred on the corner of Mandolin and Touro. Harrison says the investigation is ongoing.
“We are working to identify a motive, we are working to identify how or why this would’ve happened and of course who would’ve done this.”
Harrison says currently, no one is in custody and urges anyone with information about this crime to come forward.
“We need to move fast, we need people to be brave and call us. Help us clear this, help us find the people who did this. Person or persons, so we can hold people accountable and bring them to justice.”

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