A 17-year-old high school student named Gabriel Lowell received the surprise of his life when his favorite Harmonizer, Normani, showed up to his graduation ceremony.

On Friday (June 1), the "Love Lies" singer made a special appearance at her biggest fan's commencement in Houston, Texas, and even stuck around for a few hours after the celebration to snap pics with Lowell, his best friend, Gabby Villuendas, and their classmates.

According to Teen Vogue, who spoke exclusively with the graduate of the extraordinary moment, Lowell had previously sent Normani a "promposal" last November, but sadly she was unable to go as his prom date due to scheduling commitments. The 22-year-old apparently "felt really bad about not being able to go to prom," so to make up for the disappointment she made a commitment to attend the Pearland native's graduation.

"I love you so much. Thank you for everything you do," Lowell tweeted the "Don't Say You Love Me" vocalist with a set of group shots from the event.

"She is the sweetest person ever and cares about her fans so much," Lowell told Teen Vogue. "She kept saying how proud she was of us and how much she loved us."

Although they tried to keep Normani's presence a secret, it wasn't long before Lowell's classmates and peers noticed the Harmonizer and "really freaked out," he explained. In a matter of moments, fans crowded the star for pictures of their own.

"It feels so amazing to see how much support not only we are getting, but also how people are realizing how amazing of a person Normani is," Lowell said of his graduation post, which has nearly 10,000 likes and 3,000 comments.

Normani later returned with some words of comfort for the graduating class, tweeting back: "I’m so proud of you and this milestone...Thanks for making me feel special on YOUR day."

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