This week I spent a lot of time reading NBA Mock Drafts, and NBA Scouting Reports, for only one try and find out where former North Caddo and Texas A&M star Robert Williams III was going to be drafted.

Everything I read this week put him as a top 20 in the draft, and most put him in the top 15. It seemed like there was no chance he was going to slide in the draft. Most scouts labeled him as one of the most athletic players in this year's draft.

The Boston Celtics were obviously excited about a player with this talent was coming to them.

Both coach Brad Stevens and General Manager Danny Ainge seemed like they had a hard time hiding their excitement in their post-draft press conferences...

One of the focuses I had this week was where the best landing space for Williams would be to help make him a "star" at the NBA level. It looked like the Los Angeles Clippers was going to be that spot, based on the idea that he was going very early in the draft. Since he fell to late in the draft, he's going to be headed to a better team, instead of the weak teams picking high.

Going to Boston puts him in a major market, on a team that was in the Eastern Conference Finals last year. This could actually be the best case scenario for Williams in this year's NBA Draft.

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