While Pokemon Go is a fading fad we all remember the Summer of 2016 when it seemed like everywhere you looked someone was playing Pokemon Go. Downtowns were full of people walking around glued to their phones but the worst part was people driving while playing.

It's no secret that driving while texting is bad but trying to catch a Pokemon while driving is so much worse. It's estimated that drivers playing the game in less than half a year caused an estimated $2 billion to $7.3 billion in damages in the United States. One county in Indiana reported that during the same time 50% of their accidents were caused by the app.

The truly alarming thing is there's more games set to come out in the next few months of the same AR style which are looking to be even more popular than Pokemon Go. In particular Harry Potter is set to debut around the start of the year... Pray for us all!

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