For those unaware, one of the most high-profile NFL players is now available. Will New Orleans land OBJ?

The situation between Odell Beckham Jr. and the Cleveland Browns seemingly came out of no where. Granted, stats-wise, OBJ has looked like a shell of his former self during his time in Cleveland. Still, a lot of his poor-production is due to his inability to stay on the field. Beckham has been sidelined continuously throughout his run with the Browns due to injuries, and that certainly has effected how his performance is being perceived. Still, even without the statistical dominance that we've came to expect from OBJ, there's still no denying that even in 2021, he is a prolific player and an undeniable playmaker.

Things with the Browns quickly turned South following OBJ's dad sharing a video highlighting all of the plays where Browns' QB Baker Mayfield seemingly ignored a wide-open Odell Beckham Jr. From there, LeBron James AKA the King of Cleveland shared his opinion of the situation, while petitioning the Browns to #FreeOBJ.

Shortly after those events took place, the Browns excused OBJ from the team, and told players that he is "essentially" not on the team. Today, the Cleveland Browns made it official, announcing that they have released the star wideout.  

So, what's next for OBJ? Many experts believe he may be taking his talents to the Big Easy.

Any article out there covering the next move for Odell Beckham Jr. all have New Orleans as a favorite landing spot. In fact, has OBJ to the Saints as the odds-on favorite at +300.

There's no denying the fact that the Saints are in dyer need of an elite wide receiver, especially after the news that Michael Thomas reaggravated his ankle and will not be returning to the Saints this season. Now, OBJ is a free agent and can sign anywhere he'd like. There is a chance that following Jameis Winston's injury that he'll choose to stay away from NOLA, but at the same time, can he resist the chance to work with one of the best offensive minds in the NFL with Sean Payton. Oh, and he's a former LSU Tiger. I'm sure he would be excited to come back home to Louisiana.

OBJ to the New Orleans Saints? Well, if you're a betting man, it's a smart bet.

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