One lawmaker wants to boost the minimum wage across the state.

New Orleans Democrat Senator Troy Carter believes all businesses who have 50 or more workers should pay at least $9.50 an hour. He has filed a bill to implement the change by August 2019. At the beginning of this year, 18 states implement higher wages. 19 other states approved higher pay ok'd higher wages with legislation last year.

WalMart’s recent announcement of employee bonuses and Target raising their minimum wage, it’s time for Louisiana to step up.

Corporate leaders who made a declaration on their own to raise the minimum wage sends a powerful message.

Previous attempts to boost the wages in our state have failed, but Carter thinks he can win passage this time.

Louisiana does not have a state minimum wage and business groups have pushed back all previous attempts to set a minimum wage in the state.

Dawn Starns with the Louisiana National Federation of Independent Businesses says the economy will be hurt if state businesses are forced to raise the minimum wage.

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