In honor of our 1-Year Anniversary of the 'Cory and Elizabeth in the Morning Show,' we thought it'd be a good idea to revisit how it all began!



Monday morning, Robert and Erin announced their departure from the KVKI morning show — a spot that’s near and dear to their hearts. The new morning show, comprised of Cory Ryan and Elizabeth Morales, joined them in the studio to officially become the new sound of 96.5 KVKI.

Erin was excited to make the move to mornings on 710 KEEL, but didn’t want to leave the KVKI studio empty-handed.

“I’m taking my beer necklace, my little Purell man, some of my paperwork, and I’m taking my lamp,” Erin said.

All Robert revealed that all he’s taking is The Doggie Squeak Toy of Victory (patent pending).

We had discussed passing an actual torch, but Robert’s only used to holding a martini glass and Erin is still recovering from the Elton John show. Plus, our chief engineer is out of town this week and we’d hate to burden him with repairing fire damage when he returns.

But before signing off, Erin made a simple request of loyal KVKI listeners.

“I beg you, please, this is what I’ve always wanted to do, this is what Robert wants to do. I want you to be nice to Cory and Elizabeth,” Erin said. “They are live, local, funny…out in the community. I know some people are going to miss us over here, if you’re angry, we’re two doors down the hall, don’t call and harass these folks.”

“And they are almost as damn good-looking as we are,” Robert chimed.

Watch Robert and Erin announce their departure on the air and introduce the new Cory and Elizabeth morning show, which you can hear 6 – 9 a.m. Monday through Friday on the radio, online and with our free mobile app radioPup.

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