A Canadian woman accidentally got several of her co-workers sick after bringing in brownies she found in her freezer at home.

The Times Colonist explains that it was her son that actually made the brownies over a year ago. He didn’t exactly follow the normal recipe.

“The brownies had been brought in by one woman who had discovered them in her freezer at home. Her son had baked the chocolate treats a year ago, stored them in the freezer and forgotten about them. The investigating officer confronted the son, who admitted to baking the brownies.”

Silly potheads. So forgetful.
Silly mothers. So unassuming.

At first, her coworkers thought they had been poisoned, and complained to police of “light-headedness, numbness in the limbs, disorientation,” a craving for Fiery Buffalo Doritos and the yearning to listen to entire Phish albums. Officials soon figured out everyone was just stoned.

No action was taken but it’s expected the son will have to perform some type of community service as a penalty. Keep the kid away from soup kitchen duty.