I am in the middle of wedding planning and I am stressed to the max. The cost of my wedding keeps climbing, I am ready to convince my fiance that we just need to go to the courthouse and call it a day. Once I found out how much alcohol was going to cost for our big day I lost my mind. If you think you can get married and not have an open bar, think again.

A new survey found the most common things people mention when they're describing their dream wedding. If you added the dream wedding up it would cost you a little over $42,000. The ideal wedding includes 92 guests, black tie optional, a live band and the biggest MUST of the night, an open bar.

According to Yahoo.com "Americans desire an open bar. Sixty-one percent would have free drinks at their dream wedding." I have been to several weddings where there was not an open bar and it was far from a fun night.

Here are the things that most Americans want for their dream wedding:

  1. An average of 92 guests. (That would be my immediate family but okay.)
  2. Held on a Saturday. (Why not on a Monday?)
  3. A "modern" theme. (So no to the Great Gatsby theme?)
  4. White, black, and blue colors.
  5. The top three flowers are roses, tulips, and lilies.
  6. Black tie optional.
  7. A live band. (As a DJ I am not offended I get it)
  8. Chocolate cake. (Or Vanilla)
  9. An open bar. (Thank God)
  10. All speeches under 10 minutes. (Yes PLEASE!)

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