For about a week now, Erin McCarty has been proclaiming that it's only a matter of time before the most recent 'American Idol' winner, Candice Glover, was tapped as this year's Super Bowl 'National Anthem singer. Well, not only was Erin wrong...she was waaaay wrong!

It's been announced that Renee Fleming, one of the world's most renowned operatic sopranos, will sing the national anthem at Super Bowl XLVIII. Fleming has performed leading roles at the Metropolitan Opera and other top venues worldwide. She is a four-time Grammy Award winner, a 14-time nominee and the 54 year old diva is the first opera singer to have the honor.

Last year's Super Bowl Anthem was sung by pop star Alicia Keys. Others tapped in recent years include Cher, Mariah Carey and the Dixie Chics.