According to authorities, more than 34 Shreveport Police units are on site on Natalie Street, near Magazine Street and St Vincent Ave in Shreveport. Initial reports say the units are responding to "shots fired".

Police arrived on the scene around 11am this morning, and have been working the situation for over an hour. As a result of the situation, the Caddo Community Action Center has been placed into lock down. Additionally, there are schools in the neighborhood, including Caddo Heights Science Elementary, but they have not gone into lock down at the time of this report.

The police presence has continued to grow since they first arrived on the scene, which may indicate that this is an on-going situation, and not an investigation after-the-fact. Witnesses have reported hearing shots fired after Police have arrived, but we do not have confirmation of those shots, or if they were directed at officers.

This is an on-going situation, and we will continue to keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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