Very rarely am I speechless. Reading this story, however, left me with no words...

A 4 month old in Grain Valley, Missouri, has been left with only two thumbs and a pinky after a pet ferret attacked him.

The babies' parents, Ryan and Carrie Waldo, called 911 around 2:30 A.M., telling dispatchers that their pet had chewed off 7 fingers.

The parents have now been charged after initially changing their stories.

When police first arrived, the mother claimed she had been asleep in the same room as baby when it happened. And slept thru the screaming???????

Well, police didn't think it made sense either so they investigated further.

After obtaining cell phone and GPS records, it turns out neither one of the parents were home when it happened... The baby and ferret were home alone.

The Waldos are saying it was the first time the ferret attacked. But texts and phone calls with the landlord show that this has happened before.

The Waldo's each now face one felony count of endangering the welfare of a child... And the infant and his sibling have been removed from custody while the case continues.