According to the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Facebook page, a Parkway High School student has been arrested for making threats against the school.  Per the post, school administrators and the school resource officer at Parkway were informed of the threats by other students.  The 16-year old that has been arrested in connection with this ongoing investigation has not been named at this time because that person is a minor.  The nature of the threats are not publicly known at this time.

The post also includes this quote from Bossier Parish Sheriff Julian Whittington:

We simply cannot stress enough just how serious we take any threat to other students, faculty, or to the school.  The safety and security of our young people is paramount at the Bossier Sheriff’s Office, and our policy is rather simple when it comes to making threats to harm other people – ZERO TOLERANCE!  Don’t do it, or you will be investigated, and you will be arrested.”

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