The sales of motorhomes are going up due to all the COVID restrictions on air travel. I, for one, am not flying the friendly skies any time soon because I don't want to have to deal with cranky passengers! I wanna get an RV!

Oh, side note, did you know that people are now calling RVs, "COVID Campers"? I didn't get that memo either. I guess now we know!

I would give up an eyelash to be the owner of my very own COVID Camper, but seeing as how I am a bit bougie, I want an RV/motorhome that is a bit on the luxurious side.

Insert this million-dollar motorhome, stage right!


I found this bad boy on the Motor Homes Of Texas website. The asking price is $1,145,000. You can even request a test drive!

The 2016 Newell Custom 45' might not be the newest model motorhome, but it sure is pretty, and it comes with just about everything I want in an RV and then some. It runs on diesel (the latest gas prices are hovering around $1.63 a gallon, so you can fill 'er up on the cheap)!

Stocked with not one, but TWO bathrooms, its own washer and dryer, a glass-encased shower that easily fits tall people, a moon roof, and a dishwasher, the only thing I see missing is a slide-out hot tub! There is, however, a big slide-out gas grill!

Who's got one million and a hundred and forty-five thousand dollars that I can borrow?

Luxury Covid Camper Motorhome

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