This is going to be a historic moment in the history of the NBA. Not just the Pelicans, but the whole league. This scenario could  go down in history with the same magnitude as LeBron's "Decision", minus the giant ESPN show.

The reason this is so big, is that Davis is set to become the highest paid NBA player in history if he stays in New Orleans. He will be set to receive a deal worth over $230 million for staying with the Pelicans, a deal he can't get from any other team based on NBA rules.

Davis is willing to give up that money in order to play for a competitive franchise. In other words, he's putting winning over money. Something fans claim to respect.

But looking at the Pelicans, the shame should be on them. They likely could have kept Davis in New Orleans, if they would have ever tried to build a franchise around him.

They made one solid attempt, trading for DeMarcus Cousins, but then eventually let him leave during his free agency. They did the same with Rajon Rondo. Both of those former Pelicans are now with winning franchises.

The Pelicans have no excuses either. They've had cap space, draft picks, trade partners, and a supportive fan base. There's literally nothing they can blame but themselves.

So don't be mad at AD. Be mad at the people leading this franchise to nowhere.


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