According to a Tweet from KTAL's John Walton, the New Orleans Pelicans have "moved on" from Shreveport for the Pelican's G-League team.

Earlier this summer, the proposed Shreveport Sports Arena in the Downtown area became a lightning rod for criticism, but the center-piece for a deal to bring the G-league franchise to the city. After the City Council voted against the proposed sports complex, Shreveport Mayor Ollie Tyler said she hoped the city would still find a way to bring the team to Shreveport.

But now, according to the report from Walton, the Pelicans have "moved on" from Shreveport. In fact, the exact text of the Tweet reads:

"BREAKING: on Pelicans G-League team possibly coming to 'We have moved on and are talking to other cities"

At the time Shreveport voted against the arena, the only other city in contention was Pensacola, FL. However there hasn't been an official announcement that a deal has been completed between that city and the team, which fueled some quiet speculation that Shreveport still had a shot, even if it was only an outside shot. But this new report seems to put that to rest.

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