It's the hottest new snack food in Japan! So hot, in fact, that new Pepsi flavored Cheetos, flying off the shelves of supermarkets from Tokyo to Hiroshima, could be coming soon to the good old US of A!

"Mixing these two iconic flavors speaks to consumers tastes," says parent company Frito Lay. "They want something absolutely new that's never been seen before!"

A recent review of the new product by a leading Japanese food critic said that, amazingly, these Cheetos actually 'fizz in the mouth.'

Frito Lay spokespeople reiterated that though there is no current timeline to introduce Pepsi flavored Cheetos to the America, they "are aware that the US is the world's largest consumer of snack foods and we know they are always looking for something new and different."

Gross or great? You may be able to judge for yourself soon.

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