Are you dragging today? You knew you should have tried to sleep more this weekend and get extra sleep to avoid that groggy feeling come Monday morning. It turns out we aren't the only ones around who would love a permanent time change. President Donald Trump took to his Twitter account to say “Making Daylight Saving Time permanent is O.K. with me!”.

Changing the clocks forward means that we all are deprived of an hour of sleep! However we do gain an hour of daylight in the evening, my dog loves that we can go for 6:00 walks again without it getting dark halfway through. Just in case you are unclear why we started losing an hour in the first place, Daylight Saving Time was first established during World War I in order to conserve as much fuel as possible. This also extended work days. The law was meant to be temporary and it was repealed as soon as the war was over. However, that pesky little DST peaked its head during World War II. In 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law the Uniform Time Act. After that daylight saving time became a policy of the U.S. and that's when we had a uniform start and end times within standard time zones. This policy is currently regulated by the Department of Transportation. Did you know that some states don't "spring forward" as we do? Hawaii and most of Arizona don't observe DST. Are you for a permanent Daylight Saving Time? Do you think it would make a huge difference?

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