Community Foundation's Annual Give for Good Day is Tuesday, May 1st and Pet Savers of Shreveport is asking for your donation!

If you follow Bristol's Babies, you know that I highlight a lot of adoptable pets from Pet Savers of Shreveport. I adopted what I call my 'heart' dog from Pet Savers in August of 2016. His name is Cyrus and we believe he's a Mastiff/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. I love all of my dogs (I have five), but I honestly can't imagine my family without Cyrus. He's my side, my buddy, my heart!

Give for Good Day is the one day a year when the Community Foundation gathers all the area non-profits, community action agencies, etc... and dedicates the day to fundraising. In the past several years, records for donations have been broken time and time again during an era when donations are reportedly down across the board.

Why donate to Pet Savers? They're a no kill shelter. Some animals have lived there their entire lives and through their selfless volunteers, they've known love and they'e never been without food, shelter, affection, exercise or veterinary care. Of course there are other deserving organizations in the area, I'm just personally familiar with this one. They've been in our community for a long time and God willing, will be here for many years to come. You can also join the Pet Savers folks at their Give for Good event Tuesday evening from 4-7pm. I've included their flyer below.

No matter where your heart lies, I hope you'll find it in you to give any extra you have this Tuesday to benefit our area charities and causes.

Flyer courtesy of Pet Savers of Shreveport
Flyer courtesy of Pet Savers of Shreveport

Pet Savers is located at 4380 Noyes Drive, Shreveport, LA 71119 and they are open daily from 12pm - 4pm. You can call them at (318) 636-0400 or reach them on Facebook with any questions! Even if you aren't able to adopt an animal at this time, Pet Savers is always in need of donations and volunteers so please consider supporting their efforts!

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