Whatever you're doing, it's always good to be timely! I absolutely love this story. Surely, by now, you've heard about all this nonsense on Facebook about storming Area 51 in October... because storming a military installation is the smartest thing you'll ever do, right? These folks that think they, 'can't stop us all,' are wrong. This is the United States Air Force we're talking about here!

Either way, the movement to 'Storm Area 51' has spawned a ton of hilarious memes and content across the internet... and a pet shelter in Oklahoma City was even able to take advantage of the craziness!

So what did the shelter do? They held their own event called 'Storm the Shelter' and pictured their adoptable pets in tinfoil hats. It drew so much attention, the pets were adopted almost immediately! Plus, folks opened their wallets as well, donating over $2,400. Well done! Now, why didn't I think of this for Hero Horse Therapeutic Riding Center first? Stay tuned... You may still see horses in tinfoil hats yet! lol



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